Happiest of New Years!!!

Well… It is 2013. WOW! Can’t believe it… time just flies. They tell us when we are younger time flies, and we can’t fathom it. Well… yep, it’s sprouted wings and just taken off! I look back at my favorite family portrait EVER and while it was seemingly only a few years ago (2006), so much has happened since. Of course, it is a portrait of my own family… Taken by my mentors, Joseph and Louise Simone. It is such a beautiful representation of where our family was at that particular time in our lives. I’m so happy to have that heirloom memory before the boys grew up and began lives of their own. It was Spring of 2006, the oldest was a Junior in High School… he’s since graduated from OU (Boomer Sooner) and is working in his field (Mechanical Engineering) and living on his own… the middle, Alex (13) is now 20 and serving in the Marines, already having had a tour in Afghanistan… Our prayers were answered when he returned to American soil safely. Bryan, the youngest had just stepped over for a moment, tired, and laid his head down on my shoulders in this portrait…. the moment was captured, a memorable treasure. He is now a Junior in High School, plays varsity football and soccer and has recently been accepted in the National Honor Society. Needless to say… I’m incredibly proud of my boys… all 3 of them are amazing in their own way. How does a mom get to be so lucky? Shortly, after this portrait was taken… the two oldest were hit head on by a drunk driver. Fortunately, they recovered and were not injured too badly…. I shutter to think how differently it could have turned out, Thank You God. Also, only a few months after…. I was diagnosed with the big ‘C’… yep, stage 3. But, again… I’ve been blessed with 6 years and counting remission. Knock on wood, I pray good fortune and health continue… We’ve since moved homes, grown our businesses, married off a few friends and friends kiddos, babies were born… we’ve even had to bury a few loved ones in that span of time…. life keeps ticking on. I’m so thankful to have this artful memory which hangs proudly in our home. It serves as a reminder of our many blessings and the love in our family… Although is was only yesterday (right?)… so very much has happened. I am ever appreciative to be here in 2013… and so very thankful for the many friends, family and acquaintances in our lives who have blessed us with their smiles, their tears, their hugs, and experiences. I look forward to many, many more experiences in the future…. as time flies on.

Live every day to the very fullest!

Many hugs and blessings to you and your loved ones in 2013 and beyond… Teri Q.

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