Teri Quance – Photographer/ Owner
We opened the studio in 1998. Graphic Designer turned photographer… life is good. A friend once told me… ‘I think you’ve found your passion’. I truly feel blessed to live my passion everyday. We are thrilled to know the people who walk through our doors… to watch the children grow each year (it happens so fast), to see the excitement in a bride's face, the beauty in a young adult about to embark on the world of independence, or the relationship and love within a family. There is truly love on our walls: we have a story to match every face in our albums, because we believe every life is a work of art. And, I am lucky enough to be part of it.
Liz Ann Burkart – Studio Manager
Liz Ann is the cheerful voice you hear on the phone when you call. She is the ‘go to’ girl… the one who keeps us all organized and in the right place at the right time. She’s dedicated and thorough. She is happy as she can be with a spreadsheet in front of her… just don’t ask her to draw a straight line! The whole organization would fall apart without Liz Ann. She’s recently returned from a cruise (we couldn’t call her)…. She’s not allowed to take vacations anymore… we were lost!
Darla Arter – Designer/ Production Manager
Darla is the newest member of our studio family… and already she’s proven to be valuable. She’s the missing piece. We feel as though we are now complete. I was thrilled to have her start and jump right in with little training… she seems to have picked up on our style of design and has created some beautiful artwork. I can’t wait to see what the talented Darla comes up with next!
Vanessa Scanlon – Framing
Vanessa is a sassy Brit and has been my good friend for over 17 years. She was my neighbor, my tennis partner, my friend, and my first studio manager. She’s tried to escape by moving to Brazil… but, of course… we whisked her right up when she moved back! She’s an impeccable framer and gives our lovely images the finishing touch. She makes the best cookies this side of the Atlantic Ocean. And, although she’s tried to quit many times over… we just won’t let her. We love you Nessie….!
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